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At www.thinkvegetables.co.uk you may have noticed already that it’s all about the vegetables. No adverts and no cost to you to use the site. That’s because we have a simple aim – to promote vegetables as effectively as possible.

This site is funded by Fresca Group Limited. We’re the UK’s largest independently-owned supplier of fresh produce. Through the companies in our group we supply every major retailer in the UK, and we sell everything from avocados to bananas, spuds to sprouts and carrots to kale.

We really do love our vegetables, and by providing a key resource for journalists and teachers we hope to reach big new audiences for our products. It’s simple really – if we can help a writer with material for a piece about purple sprouting broccoli then we’re helping build awareness and demand. If we can help a teacher get a class of 6 year olds excited about peas then we’re helping kids discover healthier options and to understand how their food is grown.

Please get in touch if you want further information – if we can help, we will. If you have suggestions for new features on this site or for tweaks that would make this website work harder for you then please let us know.

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